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I’m here for tantalizing conversation and cheeky meets

I’m here for tantalizing conversation and cheeky meets.

So this site has already tricked me into sending what I thought was a profile header to god knows how many people. Apologies if you got a random message about boobs and clits.

Just looking to make some genuine connections with a view of finding a regular FWB. I’m not wired for one night stands unfortunately and if you’re the same age as my dad, you most likely won’t get a response.

I’m black and size 16 so by no means skinny if that sort if thing interests you.

Please read carefully: Thank you for the messages but as stated above, I will not meet anyone in a car park, behind a bush or any other location of that nature. Neither will I have intercourse with a person I have just laid eyes on. Thank you for appreciating my idiosyncracies . 

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