Does Online Dating Really Work For Guys?

Many of us have at one time or another tried online dating, only to be discouraged. The reason for this is that we go in with a very skewed view of men and women. The fact is that online dating doesn’t work for guys because they don’t attract the same women to them as women do to guys.

This is a huge flaw in our understanding of what attracts women to guys. This flaw is so big that it boggles the mind when you realize how many guys have been effectively single for years without having had any serious success with women. They all got busy doing other stuff that distracted their attention from being with a woman. Their understanding of attraction was completely off the mark.

The real problem with online dating is that most guys expect it to work like magic. It’s just not going to happen. If you are one of those men who has spent your whole life trying to meet a woman, it’s about time you give up. Most women out there aren’t looking for a man to fall head over heels for; in fact, quite the opposite.

Guys coming online with the idea that all women will fall head over heels in love with them are in for a big surprise. They were burned when they went out with a girl they thought was the one. The majority of men who go online dating aren’t looking for a commitment for a long-term relationship. They just want to get a bit more acquainted with the woman they already know and have a few good adventures before getting serious. It’s really not that uncommon for men to feel a bit flat after having been with one or two women, but this should be expected and the men shouldn’t worry about it too much.

It’s important to keep in mind that guys who think online dating is working for them are in the minority. The truth is most women out there don’t feel the same way. They tend to focus on whether or not their guy makes her feel sexy, if he treats her well, and whether or not he makes her feel special. These things are far more important to them than how well a guy makes them feel. If that sounds like you, online dating may not be right for you.

You need to understand that men aren’t wired the same way that women are. Women’s bodies are very complex, and men are normally more physically attracted to a physical appearance that is clean, strong, and toned. That being said, the idea that online dating will make you happy is pretty unrealistic. Even if online dating works well for some men, it’s not guaranteed to work out for you. Just because a woman looks good online doesn’t mean she’ll be attracted to you. In fact, she’ll be repelled by you.

The truth is the only people who truly find love and long lasting relationships through online dating are the women who use it with a strong sense of commitment. That means she has to have an eye towards long term results before she gets into a real relationship. It also means she has to stay away from the bad guys (or guys she doesn’t particularly want to end up with) and focus on finding a good guy.

The only way this can happen is to ignore online dating as a viable option. Instead, what you need to do is use it as a tool to help you get to know a guy better. Don’t let him manipulate you or lie to you. Use your common sense and good judgment to guide you in the right direction. In the end, the choice is yours.