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Adults Dating Site – Safe Sex is Sexy

June 18th, 2013
Couples should always think about safe sex. It is better, fun and you don’t have to think about the consequences that follow. Protect yourself and your partner all the times. Of course, methods are not foolproof. You have to use them correctly and have a routine check up with your doctor to be safe. Talk with your partner about this. There are some men who don’t like condom or any sexual protection because it can hinder their sexual satisfaction. Explain to them thoroughly about… Read more…
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Adults Dating Site – She Wants You To Move Slow

June 12th, 2013
Love and romance should go together and be done slowly or you will intimidate her. If you really want her, make her feel special. The more excited you are to be with her, the more passionate you are with her needs, the more she’s going to respond to you. Make her want you, make her crave for your touch, don’t rush things, do it one step at a time. Women need to feel comfortable before she can decide to go further with your advances. A typical woman needs twenty minutes to decide if… Read more…
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Adults Dating Site – Being an Idiot Ruins the Mood

June 5th, 2013
Women need love, caress and lots of sweet words. However, men sometimes associate playful comments as sweet endearing words that make their partner annoyed and hurt at the same time. Use silly comments when you’re having fun together but not when your partner is tried from work or has a busy schedule. Remember sex should be played by two people willing to participate in the art of lovemaking. If she said she’s not feeling better or too busy preparing dinner then find a way to… Read more…
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