Dating Rules You Need to Follow Online

Today’s online dating rules have changed dramatically. It used to be that online daters kept their true intentions secret. Now, anyone can find their perfect match. Just be yourself. Keep your interests private and your intentions private. In this new internet world, honesty is everything.

Rule One: Be honest about who you are looking for online. Research has indicated that if you were open and honest with your online dating profile, you would be more successful at finding your ideal match. A recent study revealed that those who used the phrase romance in their online dating profiles were much more successful in locating long term relationships online than those who took an alternative approach to building their profiles. Online daters using more honest modes of expressing themselves gained the most success in the online dating niche.

Rule Two: You should always have a well thought out first date. Many online daters are nervous and awkward on their first dates. The rule here is to eliminate as many awkward moments as possible. Try to think of something silly to do on the first date that will lighten the mood and set the tone for the evening. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect on your first date.

Rule Three: Know your “no’s”. One of the best online dating rules is to never ever let anyone into your life before you know what they are doing. Never allow someone else to “set the table” for you on your first date. Always be honest about who you are not. If someone offers to help you with something, then decline.

Rule Four: Don’t be afraid of social media. Social media has taken over the online dating world by storm, especially with the recent rise in mobile use. Now, people are posting pictures, videos, and stories from their lives in the palm of their hands. This has opened up all sorts of new social etiquette norms in the online dating world.

This new rule is probably my favorite of all of the online dating rules. I am a big fan of the “instant gratification” philosophy. If you want to make sure that someone finds you attractive, don’t wait for them to find you. When you meet someone for the first time, send them an instant message or email that tells them where you can be found. It is the new rule in the book.

Another great way to make sure you get a positive response from someone on the site is to use the “swipe right” feature. The swipe right feature lets you swipe your way through people in order to see who you would like to contact. This is great because it means that if they do not respond, you won’t have to endure a long drawn out conversation with them. Another rule that will help you avoid the unwanted messages is to only send one message per conversation. This is better than the “two nines” rule that most people adhere to on the traditional dating sites.

Finally, another one of the online dating rules that will help you start online dating is to avoid being too available. When you see a picture or hear someone mention your name, immediately respond in a message. You don’t want to sound desperate or needy. Instead, start by sending a simple “hi” and then work your way into more detail. That way, if they do reply, it will be a natural response. It will also show them that you are friendly and that you are not looking for a relationship right off the bat.